During the summer a student is learning without the sense of urgency and pressure associated with school, so the brain is free to relax, to imagine, to learn and to create.

As you know, the Vadodara Innovation Council (VIC) is conducting various innovative programmes, viz., InnoTalk

InnoQuest® Curiosity, Tod-Fod-Jod®, InnoQuest® Digital, Socho Hatke, etc.

Amongst all these, "Tod-Fod-Jod®" is one of the most popular and signature workshops for school students that we are conducting at various schools in Vadodara since 2018, and to date more than 2200 students have benefited.

Why arranged TFJ in summer vacation?

The purpose is:

For the students of the schools that have not joined with VIC for this TFJ workshop, and on request of some students and parents of such schools, we have started this popular workshop in the summer and Diwali vacation time for them.

For more details and registration of

Tod Fod Jod® Workshop-Summer Batch -2023, please register to go with the link: