Last year's huge success of the Rocket Modelling workshop, we are organizing it this year also.  These workshop aims to train students in the designing of model rockets. Students deal with the principal of rocket and make different designs to get maximum height. Students know process of making and working of the rockets and their engines. Students make their models/designs in group or individually and launch their rocket. They measure the height of the rocket using trigonometry.

Few experiences can compare with the excitement and thrill of watching a rocket-powered vehicle, such as the Space Shuttle, thunder into space. Dreams of rocket flight to distant worlds fire the imagination of both children and adults. With some simple and inexpensive materials, you can mount an exciting and productive unit about rockets for children that incorporate science, mathematics, and technology education. The workshop  emphasizes hands-on involvement, prediction, data collection and interpretation, teamwork, and problem solving.

The Main Thrust Of The Workshop Will Be:
1.  To create interest in aerodynamics.
2. “Do it your self” program with scientific approach.
3.  Develop confidence to make scientific models in aerodynamics world.

Before the beginning of the workshop an introductory program is necessary.

Limit:    50 students.
Eligibility :  Std 6 Onwards (Age no bar)
Duration: 6 hours
Date: 29th January , 2023 (Sunday)
Time: 11 AM to 5 PM (Hands on Development of Rocket), 4 PM (Rocket Launching)
Fees: 500/- per student. (Including Kit and food)

Venue:  Faculty of Technology & Engineering, M.S University, Near Kalabhavan, Vadodara, Gujarat

                                                                 Benefits Of The Workshop

  1. Comprehensive training of the theory and practice of model rocketry and the test firing of the model prepared by each trainee and on the spot height measuring of the rockets.
  2. The workshop covers theory and practical knowledge about How to design Model Rocket for high school level.
  3. Basic theory about: Newton’s laws of motion and gravitation. Distance, Velocity and momentum, and  Aerodynamic force.
  4.  How to create and build unique and exciting model rockets that work!
  5. Understanding about Stability, Launching and recovery for the model rocket.

For Registration :    
For any queries regarding registration and payment, please contact  Digant Joshi -  (M)8780742453
For any queries regarding registration, please contact, Smit Bhanushali  - (M)8866634667