Tod-Fod-Jod for School

Tod-Fod-Jod is a Vadodara Innovation Council (VIC) endeavour to provide resources, methodologies, inspiration and mentors to students, education institutes and parents so they can apply and create an ecosystem for Tod-Fod-Jod in schools, communities and homes.

With Tod-Fod-Jod, students get to de-construct (Tod) everyday products that they see and/or use. As they figure out how these products are designed and how they work (Fod), students connect multi-disciplinary concepts they learn in textbooks to real life applications. They draw inspiration to ideas and inspirations from others. They may re-construct (Jod) these products, repair (Jod) them (which involves great deal of hands-on problem solving) or re-purpose (Jod) them to do create something completely different or Innovative.